Provide SESS Ltd can supply professionally trained, Residential Security Teams (RST) to keep you, your family and your home safe from the threat of crime.

Most high-value residences have sophisticated security alarm systems fitted along with the most advanced physical security locks and barriers. However, experience has shown that a professional criminal can, with determination, still gain entry into well-secured properties. It is also true that any alarm system is only as good as the security response to it once triggered, i.e. how long it takes for a human to attend the address physically. The surest method to ensure your property is secure is to have on-site security personnel.

We can provide anything from one operator to a full RST. Every Provide Security RST member, in addition to possessing experience in RST deployments, is also an SIA Licenced Close Protection Operative. Our CP operatives carry out their role with a flexible approach and will implement any security measures diplomatically and discreetly to minimise the impact their presence may have on the client’s lifestyle.

Following an in-depth assessment to evaluate existing security measures and identify any vulnerability, recommendations, if required, will be made and, in consultation with the client, a comprehensive Security Plan will be agreed.

Once agreement has been reached for a Residential Security Plan, the RST will be deployed. Examples of the duties of an RST are:

– Vetting and monitoring workmen/tradesmen that carry out work on the property. Vetting is particularly important if the client and other residents are away.

– When the client and their household are present, the RST will, if appropriate, control entry/exit of the property to the residence to deter unwanted visitors.

– The RST will patrol and monitor not only the property, but the environs around the residence to identify any threat at the earliest opportunity and to check the client’s outbuildings and vehicles.

– It is normal practice for the RST to be responsible for any electronic surveillance or alarm systems at the residence.

– For some clients, it may be necessary for the RST to screen parcels or other deliveries to the residence.

The most important duty of any RST is to make the residence of the client as secure as is reasonably possible, without the presence of the RST being an inconvenience to the client and the household.

Provide SESS Ltd prides itself that we offer an excellent RST service at a competitive price, without compromising on quality.