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Case Studies

We are proud to be recognised as the partner of choice for many of the UK’s most iconic sporting and cultural events and best known companies.

Royal Ascot

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Project Type: Event Security & Stewarding
Year Worked: 2019-Ongoing

Instantly recognisable as one of the UKs most iconic sporting events, Royal Ascot’s profile, scale and duration also ensure its prominence as a potential target for protestors, petty criminals, and terrorists alike. Factor in 300,000 attendees over a 5-day period, with evening entertainment, and it is reasonable to say that it is one of our more complex yet rewarding deployments.

Fielding over 120 staff, we augment the venue’s core security team, assuming responsibility for the security of ‘the Heath’, ‘the Village’, the Winning Post Gardens and the entertainment stage. By day we secure these areas and control access, checking tickets, conducting personnel and bag searches, monitoring crowd dynamics and providing mobile response teams. In the evening, as the entertainment gravitates from the racecourse towards the bars and live music, our priority transitions towards crowd atmospherics and the safety of attendees. Accordingly, we deploy experienced ‘bar spotters’ to lookout for potential disturbances and alert our response teams so that we can intervene early; averting disputes to maintain a positive experience for all. As the evening draws to a close, we provide a wayfinding and assistance service to ensure everyone safely exits the event.

Brentford Football Club

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Project Type: Stadia
Year Worked: 2020-Ongoing

The Brentford Community Stadium is home for both Brentford football club and the London Irish rugby union club and we have been assisting their in-house safety management team with match day security since 2020.

On match days we assume sole responsibility for a section of the stadium and deploy a management team to oversee our stewards and SIA qualified staff. In addition to the role of stand manager, we assume responsibility for: pitch gates and pitch side protection, turnstiles, enhanced search, directional stewarding, and incident response teams. Mindful that emotions can occasionally run high amongst supporters, we ensure that we carefully select our staff to ensure a blend of maturity and experience, so that we can deliver a safe and positive experience for all.


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Project Type: Stadia
Year Worked: 2017-2022

We have been working with Wembley Stadium since 2017 to assist their in-house team with the provision of security to support sporting, music and cultural events.

Deploying in excess of 100 enhanced search trained SIA staff and NVQ safety stewards per event, we are typically assigned responsibility for managing the safe ingress and egress to a section of the stadium, including the manning of key cordon points and turnstiles. We also routinely manage the security of ‘Club Wembley’ and on occasions such as NFL games, we provide staff to assist with pitch side and tunnel protection.

More recently, we provided security for the 2020 European Football Championships. In addition to meeting the stadium’s normal protocols, this required us to ensure all staff complied with UEFA’s 2-part accreditation. The first being a background police screening check and the second requiring staff to present a negative event day lateral flow test to meet the stadium’s Covid passport strategy.

London Marathon

Long-term Partner to the London Marathon

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Project Type: Event Security & Stewarding
Year Worked: 2008-Ongoing

Our relationship with the Virgin London Marathon is entering its 14th year and we are extremely proud to be the security partner of choice for such an iconic event. In terms of scale, media profile and complexity, it’s obvious appeal as a target for a ‘terrorist spectacular’ and the level of inter-agency cooperation required leading up to and during the event, providing security is no routine undertaking.

Although the 2020 event was reduced in scale and only featured elite competitors, we were the sole security provider and the added dynamic of operating in a covid-compliant manner, whilst in the full gaze of the world’s media, ensured no margin for error.

Preparation for the event commenced several weeks in advance and involved stakeholder engagement with the Metropolitan Police, Royal Parks, Westminster Council, and the event Safety Advisory Group. This entailed collective planning to develop an athlete movement and crowd management plan to minimise local disruption and active participation in tabletop exercises to identify potential security issues and develop risk mitigation strategies to counter them; all of which had to comply with Government Covid guidelines.

During the build phase for the event, we were responsible for manned guarding and access control to secure the site. We also had the novel experience of ensuring that the Household Cavalry’s daily changing of the guard was able to transit a live construction site; dynamically risk assessing and creating a safe passage for them.

On the day of the event, we deployed 150 staff to control access to the Athletes area and course; conducting personnel and bag searches and manning pedestrian crossing areas and road closures.

To ensure compliance with best practice for operating in a Covid environment, we conducted daily temperature checks of staff, created team working bubbles and employed ‘Bump Technology’; a social distancing software alarm system.

Kingston University

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Project Type: Corporate
Year Worked: 2007-Ongoing

When our relationship with the University started in 2007, our remit was simply to support their Head of Security with occasional ad-hoc cover, however; having demonstrated consistency and reliability, we are now considered an integral part of their team.

We deploy up to 20 staff to: conduct manned guarding, support their control room, monitor CCTV and conduct visible deterrent patrols throughout the university grounds and halls of residence.

Reading Football Club

Highly recommended service

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Project Type: Stadia
Year Worked: 2013-Ongoing

As a Reading based company, we are extremely proud of our close relationship with Reading Football Club and we have been providing their security for the Madejski Stadium and satellite training ground since 2013.

Our standing commitment is for year-round security coverage of their estate, including manned guarding, site patrols and emergency call-outs, however; our provision significantly expands on match days to include: the security for corporate hospitality, crowd management, turnstile management, enhanced searches, way-finding and the provision of incident response teams.

Our dedicated account manager is very much an integral part of their team and in addition to providing security advice in advance of home games, they also participate in the Safety Advisory Group and liaise with external stakeholders including the Police and Reading Council.

Walk the Walk

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Project Type: Event Security & Stewarding
Year Worked: 2015-Ongoing

Held in Clapham Common, Walk the Walk’s annual “Moonwalk” breast cancer charity event is one we hold close to our heart.
As a nighttime event with significant participation and real safety concerns, we work closely with the organisers to guide them through every stage of the planning process. We also take care to ensure that our staff are briefed in advance, covering: the route, locations of aid stations, crossing points, local transport, public amenities etc., so that they can assist with orientation and wayfinding for both participants and spectators.

On the day of the event, we deploy more than 100 staff to control access/egress to the site; checking tickets and conducting personnel and bag searches as appropriate. We also control road closures and night-time crossing points, and we provide mobile response teams that can rapidly deploy to the site of any incident.

Newbury Racecourse

Highly proactive, helpful and high calibre staff

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Project Type: Door Supervision & Corporate Security
Year Worked: 2013-Ongoing

We have been providing a range of security services to Newbury Racecourse since 2013.

We augment the in-house security team for Newbury Racecourse with manned guarding. On race days we routinely deploy a management team and 30 staff to manage access to the site; conducting queue management, personnel and bag searches.

Within the venue we provide stewards to assist with way-finding, crowd movement and control. We also carefully select more experienced members of our team to act as ‘bar spotters’, to monitor the atmosphere and alert out internal response teams so that they can proactively intervene early to prevent any potential disturbances.

Reading University

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Project Type: Manned Guarding, Corporate
Year Worked: 2013 - Ongoing

We have been partnered with the in-house security team at University of Reading since 2013. With 17,000 students and an expansive campus, this is one of our more dynamic and enjoyable clients.

We provide manned guarding services across several sites, including: the campus’s library, halls of residence, exam buildings, student bars and the iconic Henley Business School.

Uniquely, we also work with the University’s community relations team to help support and safeguard students. We achieve this by deploying SIA licensed staff to conduct evening patrols across the University campus to engage with students who are socialising late at night; encouraging them to be considerate neighbours and aiding anyone we believe may be vulnerable. We also offer directional signposting to student services as required.


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Project Type: Corporate Manned Guarding
Year Worked: 2015-Ongoing

The Royal National Institution of Blind People (RNIB) have entrusted us with the year-round security of their London sites since 2015, encompassing responsibility for offices and halls of residence.

In addition to key holding and alarmed response services, we augment the client’s internal security staff through the provision of overnight reception/concierge duties as well as the conduct of site patrols.

Given the nature of the organisation, our recognition of the importance of governance and the role of the Care Quality Commission, we handpick our staff for this task, selecting those with high levels of professionalism, empathy and compassion. We further ensure that they are suitably trained in safeguarding.

Each year we like to support the RNIB with their Marathon Mates charity event, helping to raise funds for this important organisation and creating some great internal competition between the Provide management team.


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Project Type: Key Holding & Alarm Response

Motorline, Nissan’s Reading based dealership, entrusts the alarm response to us, providing a 365 days a year, immediate response should the need arise.

A partnership built upon our RICH values, for reliability and integrity we give confidence that their important assets and valuable stock remains in safe hands.

Reading Uni Street Patrols

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Project Type: Manned Guarding
Year Worked: 2018-Ongoing

Supporting the University’s own community relations team, we engage with students through routine patrols across the University campus who are socialising late at night, encouraging them to be considerate to neighbours, offering assistance to any vulnerable students.

Our SIA licenced staff with additional training in safeguarding and wellbeing are also on hand to offer directional signposting to student services should it be needed.

Caprice (Holdings)

"First-rate commitment and levels of service"

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Project Type: Corporate, Manned Guarding, Key Holding & Alarm Response
Year Worked: 2009-Ongoing

International Clothing Designs is a multi-national company which provides clothing and accessories to United Kingdom retail sector.

Since 2009 we have been responsible for the security of their London Headquarters. In addition to our key holding and alarmed response service, we also ensure the security of the staff through the provision of SIA licensed staff for manned guarding, concierge and reception tasks and the provision of site patrols.

Oakley Hall Hotel & Restaurant

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Project Type: Corporate, Door Supervision
Year Worked: 2010-Ongoing

The Oakley Hall Hotel has entrusted us to provide their security for the past ten years. Having established an excellent working relationship with their in-house team, we support them by providing trained and vetted SIA licensed staff to assist with events such as corporate functions or conferences. Typically, this entails front of house greeting, or discreet door supervision, however; large functions occasionally require a more overt security presence. In these instances, we take care to select experienced staff so that our profile matches our client’s expectations.

Reading Borough Council

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Project Type: Key Holding & Alarm Response, Manned Guarding
Year Worked: 2017-Ongoing

Currently entering our second 3yr term we provide essential services to the council, from patrolling and controlling access to their portfolio of buildings and sites across the city, to managing their event calendar with crowd management support we have become the partner of choice. In place SOPS and KPI’s ensures all our trained staff excel in our service provision, and we are proud to have seen the recent contract renewal. Our account manager oversees the medium and long term planning with our 24hr control room meeting immediate service delivery needs by deploying any static guards or alarm response teams when required.


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Project Type: Key Holding & Alarm Response
Year Worked: 2018-Ongoing

With 62 offices across 38 counties Temenos, the world’s leading banking software solution has one of its two UK’s offices in Reading.

We, as their supplier of choice, are on hand providing 365 days of the year cover for essential keyholding and emergency alarm response services.

Recognised Partner of Choice

We are proud to be recognised as the partner of choice for many of the UK’s most iconic sporting and cultural events and best known companies.