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Stuart acquired Provide in 2019, bringing almost two decade’s worth of experience in the security industry and a desire to diligently grow the company to the next level.

Having been frustrated with some of the working practices and lack of professionalism that he experienced as an employee, he formed his own security company in 2013. He has since successfully established this as a recognised event security provider in the South West.

Since joining Provide he has focussed on consolidation and strengthening the foundations to enable measured growth. He believes that loyalty and team cohesion are essential for the motivation and retention of staff and his first initiative was to implement a training programme to up-skill existing staff. He then expanded his core management team by promoting internally to reward talent.

His strengths are his work ethic, integrity and can-do attitude and he is very much a hands-on MD. More often than not, he can still be found on site, sharing his experience with colleagues and leading from the front.