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Consultancy Services

Our bespoke consultancy and event planning service is designed to ensure clients can safely and successfully deliver any project. We can provide a complete turn-key solution, or assist with certain niche requirements or product delivery, such as: crowd management plans, crowd movement simulations, RAMP analysis, event budgeting, safety advisory group (SAG) liaison.

Should you wish support throughout the event itself, we can provide onsite safety officers and embed an experienced security manager to work alongside your management team to provide timely and professional advice on any security related issues.

Client Testimonials

London Marathon

London Marathon Events have been working with Provide SESS across our portfolio of events for a number of years.

Their staff are always smart in appearance and punctual and have the skills required to do the role they have been allocated. Stuart, Asim and the team offer a personal service that is both reactive and adaptable which is essential working in the events industry.

I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to another business whether in the events industry or public sector.

Logical Safety Solutions

Thanks for all the support and help this year at London Marathon, it was very much appreciated.

This year was very different, but everyone stepped up and delivered their ‘A’ game, including your team at Provide.

The weather was horrendous, cold & wet, but nonetheless, the staff kept going, kept carrying out the roles they were assigned to and made sure we all stayed safe and secure. There were a few occasions where we all forgot to put the face mask back on when re-entering work areas. Provide made sure we all knew what the rules and guidelines were, did it with a smile and got on with the job at hand.

Nothing is perfect in the temporary events world, and everything needs to be put into perspective. Provide delivered, so thank you.

Recognised Partner of Choice

We are proud to be recognised as the partner of choice for many of the UK’s most iconic sporting and cultural events and best known companies.